Dom Trotta

Photo of Dom Trotta General Manager Contact

Reagan Slezak

Photo of Reagan Slezak General Sales Manager Contact

Aaron Gobeil

Photo of Aaron Gobeil Fixed Operations Manager Contact

Ben Ginter

Photo of Ben Ginter Fleet Manager Contact

David Cook

Photo of David Cook Assistant Parts Manager Contact

Sales Department

Brad McCann

Photo of Brad McCann Product Advisor Contact

Brett Hogan

Photo of Brett Hogan Product Advisor Contact

Jerome de Guzman

Photo of Jerome de Guzman Product Advisor Contact

Financial Services

Brad Chandler

Photo of Brad Chandler Financial Services Manager Contact

Administration and Support

Kristen Cook

Photo of Kristen Cook Receptionist

Lot Attendants and Detailers

Allan Maldonado

Photo of Allan Maldonado Service Detailer

Devin Erl

Photo of Devin Erl Sales Lot Attendant

Jordan Cahill

Service Detailer

Pete Penner

Photo of Pete Penner Service Detailer

Service Department

Jordan Wallach

Photo of Jordan Wallach Service Consultant Contact

Tiffany Doyle

Photo of Tiffany Doyle Service Consultant Contact

Brayton Kehler

Photo of Brayton Kehler Technician

Joel Maynard

Photo of Joel Maynard Technician

Kevin Schellenberg

Photo of Kevin Schellenberg Technician

Larry Funk

Photo of Larry Funk Quality Control Supervisor

Matthew Shendroski

Photo of Matthew Shendroski Technician

McKenzie Jackson

Photo of McKenzie Jackson Lube Technician

Parts Department

Ed Harder

Photo of Ed Harder Parts Consultant Contact

Lynne Fast

Photo of Lynne Fast Parts Shipper/Receiver

Steinbach Dodge Chrysler Jeep

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